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Check your latest E-mail? Find the train time-table on Internet? Keep up-to-date with breaking news? Your notebook PC with WiFi-card and the free WiFi Access Point by Hotel Coen Delft enables you to do just that. The Internet is only a few mouse clicks away!

What does WiFi stand for?
WiFi is short for Wireless Fidelity, the worldwide standard for wireless networks. Through the Hotel Coen Delft network you can log onto the Internet and check your E-mail without having to worry about dial-up costs. You only require a laptop or PDA with a built-in WiFi-card, a WiFi plug-in card or a WiFi adapter (available at any PC store). To log in, you need to enter a special code (the so-called WEP-key), available at the front desk. For security reasons, this WEP-key is changed regularly.

How much do I get charged to use WiFi at Hotel Coen Delft?
The use of WiFi at Hotel Coen Delft is free for hotel guests! You only require a laptop or PDA to log onto the WiFi-network.


Please note: the WiFi-network by Hotel Coen Delft only allows access to Internet. You need to ensure that your notebook PC has a virus scanner and/or firewall. Hotel Coen Delft cannot be held responsible for any virus that may infect your notebook PC while using the WiFi-network. Hotel Coen Delft BV cannot be held responsible in any way in case the wifi network is unavailable during your stay.


Technical data:
WiFi 802.11g network
2.4 GHz Band Compatible with 1Mbps en 54Mbps network-cards.
64-bit WEP encryption for maximum security.
Download speed max. 2000 Kbit.